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runners and sitters  in all the rooms, clowns never forget their bags. Bags filled with folded cloth or skins of rabbits and other small creatures. Chia seeds and containers of water, shut tight, rolled in a skin or cloth, sometimes filthy sometimes clean

the straight nature of the back doesn't keep the face from breaking into a smile so boundless that a laugh is pushed from the middle out through the throat and the eyes feel round and moist. This is composure.

geometry using the compass and straightedge will be as important as the gut ribbons, falling hanging clothes, water jugs, face paint, jewelry, fringe, tassles, pox, dust and food

not caring to hit the wipers, not caring to stop radiant light, overlays of transparent washes of rainbows or bone resonant pains of the body moving against stillness before stillness.

some have bent bodies

some have straight bodies

some bodies are run through with braided cloth in many colors, some of the cloth is actually intestines dyed with plant stuffs like indigo, onion skin and madder root

some of them inspire some amount of terror because they will be the living manifestations of bodies ruined by violent acts

others are terrifying because they are the living manifestations of what will happen to all of our bodies

some are terrifying because of our irrational fear of unpredictable behaviors, or our fear of irrational and unpredictable behaviors

some are so generous of spirit that they will give you energy to continue living

some are obviously the hills of Los Angeles

some belong to the history of California

some have backbones as long as the continents

some recline across vast patches and tufts of land

some have hearts that open into yours

some are eating hearts

some split open, some split you open


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